Statutory Subjects

Please provide statutory subjects: 1) implemented in 2021; 2) implemented 2022. Please, also indicate the leading scientific discipline and answer the questions regarding counteractions against Covid 19.

The subjects should be provided:

1) either on-line in the Form available under the link:

2) or by completing the Word form:  Statutory Subjects 2021/2022 to be sent to the address:

Deadline – until 15 March 2022


Letter of 3 January 2022 of His Magnificence Rector Prof. dr hab. n. med. Zbigniewa Gaciong on the implementation of Workflow requests submitted in 2021.



Insurance of medical experiments conducted by MUW:

Insurance Company: WIENER Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Spółka Akcyjna Vienna Insurance Group
Broker: Agata Domańska, Supra Brokers S. A., e-mail: or,  phone: 71 777 04 66, mobile: 785 833 802


In order to insure the planned study, the main investigator/authorizing officer of the funds from which the study is funded shall submit a request for covering the experiment with insurance at the same time as filing the request to the Bioethics Committee.

The request for covering the study with insurance shall be prepared with the use of the on-line form available under the link:

The request signed by the main investigator and funds authorizing officer (Insurance Notice) shall be submitted in 2 copies in the Bioethics Committee Office (Bioethics Committee Office, Iwona  Siudalska,, phone: 22 57 20 303) along with a complete request for issuing the Bioethics Committee opinion.

Next, the main investigator shall send:

•    Insurance Notice with a stamp confirming the receipt of the aforesaid documentation,
•    Along with the appendices indicated therein

to Supra Brokers S.A. to the address: and the address:

More information and further steps in the procedure can be found in the announcement: Insurance of medical experiments conducted by MUW Ubezpieczenia eksperymentów medycznych prowadzonych przez WUM


Forms for statutory subjects 2020, 2021 and identification of scientific activity disciplines.


Schedule for Funds Disbursement under the Subvention Allocated for Research



New Announcement:

Letter of 20 October 2021 on the calendar of funds disbursement


Letter of 3 September 2021 on the calendar of funds disbursement 

Announcement of 2 December 2020 

Statutory subjects for given units – funds awarded in 2020 (*N/20) and in subsequent years

Funds awarded in a given year which will not be reserved via requests/orders/agreements until 31 December of that year will be made available to the units in January of the subsequent year, along with advance payment for that year.

Due to above, the funds awarded in 2020 which will not be reserved via requests/orders/agreements until 31 December 2020 will be made available to the units in January 2021, along with advance payment for 2021 in an amount of 25% of the limit awarded to that unit in 2020.

The costs shall be documented on a current basis.

Statutory subjects for given units – funds awarded in 2019 (*/N/19).

The above-mentioned rules do not apply to the funds awarded in 2019. The date of funds disbursement expired on 31 December 2019. The blocked funds repeatedly delegated to disbursement (e.g. due to conference cancellation) shall be distributed and documented by 31 December 2020.

Projects funded from subvention – student mini-grants, young scientist projects, internal projects, micro-grants and others (*/N/20).

Due to the epidemiological situation causing difficulties in the implementation of research tasks, the deadlines for requests’ submission and documentation of spending shall be extended.

•    Funds awarded in 2020 which will not be reserved via requests/orders/agreements until 31 December 2020 will be made available in January 2021.
•    2021-12-31 – deadline for disbursement and documentation of expenses made (presentation of invoices, invoices to civil-law contracts, business trips settlements, etc.).



Contact to the employees of the Department of Science who are responsible for administration of the funds from the subvention allocated for scientific activity. 

Statutory Subjects for 2020

Announcement of 5 June 2020 on extension of deadline for disbursement and/or documenting of the subvention funds awarded in 2019 and 2020.

Increase in the "statutory subjects" limits, distribution of unspent funds under Competition No. 1. Internal Projects – discipline MEDICAL SCIENCES. 

In accordance with the proposal of the Council of the Medical Sciences Discipline and the decision of HM Rector, the unspent funds were divided into units the employees of which conduct research into medical sciences. 

Announcement of 27 July 2020 

Division of Subvention Allocated for Research (re: "statutory subjects"). 

The basis for the division is the sum of points obtained by the unit for the accomplishments in 2019 – publications, projects and patents. With reference to publications, the points are calculated for the works which were approved by the employees for being included by MUW in the disciplines evaluation. The summaries of the units are presented in the WiseSci system available via the SSL-VPN website, under the name “Evaluation of Scientific activity”. The heads of the units are the persons authorized to access the summaries.

Unit funding in 2020 was defined according to the below model. Regardless of the score, the minimum annual funding is PLN 5,000.

    The score obtained by the unit (2019)                     Total subvention for research objectives
                                                                          x                        allocated for 
Sum of scores of all MUW units (2019)                               MUW units for 2020

The limits were updated in the Financial Controlling system. The units which obtained amounts exceeding the limit calculated based on the above model in the form of advance payment shall not receive increased funds.

Individual decisions regarding the final distribution of funds shall not be issued. 

Announcement of 3 June 2020

Advance funding of MUW units’ scientific activity in 2020

Due to small number of works registered in WUM.Publikacje – 1/3 of the foreseen number of publications in 2019 – the basis for granting advance payments shall be the summary of publication accomplishments for 2018. The distributed funds constitute 20% of the amount dedicated to the so-called statutory subjects in 2020.

Announcement of 15 January 2020.

Funding of scientific activity in 2020

In 2020, the University will organise calls for grants (MUW internal grants) in the following categories:

1. Micro-grants co-financed with UW.
2. Student Mini-grants.
3. Young Scientist Grants.
4. Internal grants available for all MUW employees.

The University dedicates 40% of the funds allocated for co-funding of the current scientific activity to the funding of the internal grants. 
The remaining 60% of the funds will be divided into MUW units proportionally to the scores for the accomplishments from 2019. 

Announcement of 15 January 2020.

Implementation of subjects approved in 2019

All the orders and reservations shall be implemented, i.e. documented with invoices or other financial and accounting evidence by 31 December 2020.  

Announcement of 2 December 2020.
Annoucement of 5 June 2020.
Annoucement of 16 October 2019.