Project Information

Code Project Title Financing Institution Lead Year of Project Start
In search of a keyiodide metabolism regulator- a comprehensive study of a single microRNA Wojciech Gierlikowski
Breakthrough cellular system of drug delivery to the tumour dr Tomasz Rygiel
Use of telemedicine technologies in the new model of organization and implementation of comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with heart failure TELEREH-HF (multicentre study) - TELEREH-HF dr Renata Główczyńska
Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network dr hab. Aneta Nitsch-Osuch
Implementation of e-services to support of processes related to education and examination at the Medical University of Warsaw dr hab. Joanna Gotlib
Education in vaccination safety lek. Anna Piwowarczyk
The role of autophagy in the formation of extracellular neutrophilic networks and their participation in the formation of neoplastic metastases dr Małgorzata Wachowska
Virtual Clinic of Balance dr hab. Dariusz Białoszewski
The use of ontological medical knowledge to build an internet database for studying the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis prof. dr hab. Magdalena Kuźma-Kozakiewicz
WUM AID Academy of Innovative Didactics of the Medical University of Warsaw dr n. społ. Antonina Doroszewska
"Horizon for Excellence in messenger RNA applications in immunoOncology” prof. dr hab. n. med. Jakub Gołąb/ prof. dr n. med. Dominika Nowis
Self-homing to integrin receptors "thermally-reactive" multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles encapsulated in several layers of graphene in molecular MR imaging of anti-cancer therapy based on personalized "real-time" nanomedicine prof. dr hab. n med. Ireneusz P. Grudziński
Thermomodernization of the building of the Rector's Office of the University of Warsaw mgr inż. Wojciech Bogusz
Research into reproductive health and its determinants in society prof. dr hab. n. med. Mirosław Wielgoś
Current problems of gynecology and obstetrics on the international scene through the eyes of students of the Medical University of Warsaw dr hab. n. med. Iwona Szymusik
Education of medical students in the field of FASD prof. dr hab. n. med. Bożena Kociszewska-Najman
The European Diamond-Blackfan Anemia Consortium dr n. med. Katarzyna Albrecht
Increasing the potential for an innovative way of implementing projects by presenting the results of work on the relationship between the permeability of intestinal barrier and the activity of psoriasis vulgaris at prestigious international conferences dr n. med. Mariusz Sikora
International Scientific Conference - 5th Baltic Stem Cell Meeting prof. dr hab. Magdalena Kucia
System of support for people with cognitive disorders in home environment and outside home dr n. med Katarzyna Broczek