Project Information

Code Project Title Financing Institution Lead Year of Project Start
Diagnostics of new subtypes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia National Centre for Research and Development dr n. med. Eliza Głodkowska-Mrówka
Chromatin availability and sequence variants in regulatory elements in genomic studies in the pathogenesis of keratoconus National Science Centre dr. Małgorzata Rydzanicz
The role of Nox2-ROS-Nlrp3 interactions in the implantation of hematopoietic stem cells National Science Centre Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Zdzisław Ratajczak
Contribution of extracellular vesicles and exosomal arginase in the dysfunction of the immune system in endometriosis National Science Centre Dr Małgorzata Maria Czystowska-Kuźmicz
Technology of biorefining vegetable oils for the production of advanced composite materials National Centre for Research and Development dr Martyna Seta
Investigation of the influence of hypoxia on the immunoregulatory properties of erythroid cells expressing the CD71 molecule National Science Centre Tomasz Maciej Grzywa
Circular RNAs, new biomarkers panel and machine learning in prediction of acute kidney injury prediction in adult, hematoacnological patients National Science Centre prof. dr hab. Jolanta Małyszko
Dual Antithrombotic Therapy with Dabigatran and Ticagrelor in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (ADONIS-PCI) Medical Research Agency dr Aleksandra Gąsecka - van der Pol
Development of alternative CAR constructs targeting refractory B-cell neoplasms (ALTERCAR) National Centre for Research and Development dr hab. Magdalena Winiarska
Clinical effect and molecular mechanisms of action of s-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) National Science Centre prof. dr hab. Piotr Milkiewicz
Phase 2a non-commercial and non-randomized intervention study. evaluating the effectiveness of crizotinib in the treatment of children with severe form of neurofibromatosis type 2, in particular those who cannot undergo surgery and radiotherapy Medical Research Agency dr n. med. Marek Karwacki
Abnormalities of genomic methylation in peripheral blood cells in patients with Graves' disease and thyroid orbitopathy during treatment with intravenous glucocorticoids National Science Centre lek. Mikołaj Artur Radziszewski
Designing, evaluating the effectiveness and safety of a helmet for the treatment of acute hypoxemic respiratory failure with devices providing oxygen and generating positive pressure in the airways equipped with a self-monitoring system National Centre for Research and Development lek. Łukasz Wróblewski
Theranostic Exosomes in Personalized Cancer Nanomedicine National Centre for Research and Development prof. dr hab. n. med. Ireneusz Grudziński
Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Advanced Techniques of Skin Research and Translational Medicine Ministerstwo Edukacji i Nauki prof. dr hab. Lidia Rudnicka
Canon Aplio i800 Ultrasound Ministerstwo Edukacji i Nauki prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Gałązka
Microenvironment as a key predictive factor for immunotherapy 5PFIZER - Abiomed Europe GmbH dr Aleksandra Semeniuk-Wojtaś
National registry of Impella Abiomed assisted high risk percutaneous coronary Interventions” (IMPELLA-PL) 5ABIOMED - Abiomed Europe GmbH dr n. med. Arkadiusz Pietrasik
Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of empagliflozin in the treatment of neutropenia in patients with glycogenosis 1b "- EMPAtia Medical Research Agency dr Piotr Sobieraj
Bonus on the horizon for additions to remunerationton to H04 Ministry of Science and Higher Education Prof. dr hab. Urszula Demkow