10th international scientific and educational conference: Progress in Liver Surgery and Transplantation

Project Title
X międzynarodowa konferencja naukowo-szkoleniowa Postępy w Chirurgii i Transplantacji Wątroby
prof. dr hab. Michał Jarosław Grąt
X międzynarodowa konferencja naukowo-szkoleniowa Postępy w Chirurgii i Transplantacji Wątroby
Project Objective

The subject of the project is the organization of the jubilee, 10th international scientific and educational conference "PROGRESS IN LIVER SURGERY AND TRANSPLANTATION". The International Symposium: Progress in Liver Surgery and Transplantation, organized since 1996, has become a permanent position in the calendar of scientific conferences for specialists in the field of surgery of the liver, bile ducts, pancreas and liver transplantation. Due to its extensive scope of subjects, since the very beginning it has also aroused a keen interest in hepatologists, gastroenterologists, infectious disease doctors, radiologists, oncologists, anesthesiologists and pathomorphologists. The jubilee conference in 2020 will host lectures by many outstanding and experienced experts and specialists from leading hepatology and transplantation centers both Polish and international - from Europe, Asia, North and South America. The conference will cover the current state of knowledge and the directions of current research in the field of liver, biliary and pancreatic surgery, with particular emphasis on the treatment of cancer patients and liver transplantation.

The following thematic sessions were planned: presentations of clinical cases divided into surgery of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas and liver transplantation, symposium for instrumental nurses including new techniques of liver surgery, session of technical aspects of liver surgery, hepatocellular carcinoma session, session of colorectal cancer metastasis to the liver, liver transplant session, pancreatic cancer session and controversy session in liver, biliary and pancreatic surgery. The clinical cases to be presented at the conference will be selected from among the proposals sent by the participants. The highest scientific rank of the event is confirmed by the fact that the previous editions, as well as the upcoming ones, received the scientific patronage of such prestigious societies as the Society of Polish Surgeons, the Polish Transplantation Society, the Polish Hepatological Society as well as the European Society for Organ Transplantation, European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association, European-African Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Association and many others. The conference is an opportunity for a lively and fruitful exchange of clinical and scientific experiences, as well as a place for integration of representatives of the surgical, transplantation and oncology communities.
The organization of the conference will enable the establishment of new contacts by employees of Polish scientific institutions, including the Medical University of Warsaw.

This may lead to the establishment of international scientific cooperation with renowned foreign scientific institutions. In addition, it will allow domestic clinicians and research workers to obtain the latest information on the progress in the treatment of patients with pathologies of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas, and the most important directions of scientific research. The conference is planned for about 200 participants. Organizing the event in representative places of Warsaw is necessary due to the maintenance of the high scientific rank and prestige of the conference, both among scientists and clinicians from Poland, as well as outstanding foreign experts. The planned integration meetings will be a unique opportunity for Polish scientists to establish valuable international contacts, enabling future scientific cooperation. In addition, they will allow foreign experts to learn about the achievements of Polish scientists, and thus popularize Polish science in the world.