Employee's and Doctoral Student's Declarations


Declarations of employees conducting scientific research and participating in scientific research

MUW employees conducting scientific activity, in particular academic teachers employed on research as well as research and didactic positions, are obliged to submit 2 declarations:

The above-mentioned declarations are to:
1) identify the disciplines in which MUW will be evaluated, 
2) identify the employees whose accomplishments will be subject to evaluation,
3) determine the amount of subvention granted to MUW.

The declarations are of indefinite validity. Their validity shall expire at the moment of terminating the contract with MUW.

Newly employed employees are obliged to submit the above-mentioned declarations within 14 as of the date of employment.

The working time shares provided in the Declaration on disciplines shall be provided with accuracy of ¼, due to which the following relationships are possible: 100% in the event that one discipline is indicated and 50%/50% and 75%/25% in the event that two disciplines are indicated.

The declarations shall be submitted at the Department of Science, room 428, 427, 419A from Monday to Friday at 7.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Declarations on the discipline shall be submitted also by persons who participate in the scientific activity, i.e. employees performing auxiliary functions. The declarations of the persons taking part in the scientific activity are significant in the context of the elections to the Scientific Excellence Council. Auxiliary employees holding the assistant profesor degree have active and passive rights to vote for the Scientific Excellence Council.


The obligation to submit the declarations is temporarily limited solely to persons terminating their employment at MUW and persons settling their accomplishments also outside MUW.

MUW employees carrying out scientific activity are obliged to submit the declaration authorizing MUW to list their accomplishments for the purposes of the scientific activity evaluation, hereinafter referred to as the Declaration on scientific accomplishments (“Oświadczenie w sprawie osiągnięć naukowych”). Such declarations shall be submitted every year.

Declaration of a person carrying out research in one discipline and employed exclusively at MUW
 Declaration of a person carrying out research in two disciplines or/and employed at more than one scientific uni

Legal basis: MUW Rector’s Ordinance No. 67/2019 of 17 June 2019

In particular, academic teachers employed at MUW on research or research and didactic positions, regardless of whether a given employee has expressed their consent to be qualified for the N number or not, according to Rector’s Ordinance No. 111 of 9 October 2018, are obliged to submit the declarations specified in the above-mentioned Ordinance.