Development of a biocosmetic containing plant stem cells

Okres realizacji
PLN 70,000.00
Kierownik Projektu
dr hab. Katarzyna Sykłowska-Baranek
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The project’s objective is to develop a biocosmetic containing plant stem cells from in vitro cultures. The implementation of the main objective of the project will be divided into four interconnected specific objectives.

The first specific objective to be implemented will be the optimization of the cultivation conditions of plant stem cells derived from Polyscias filicifolia (Araliaceae) and Larrea tridentata (Zygophyllaceae) species. Callus tissue and suspension cultures will be cultivated.

The second project objective will involve phytochemical examination of the plant material obtained from the invitro cultures.

The third objective will be to carry out research into the biological activity of the stem cells of the human fibroblasts in vitro culture model and with the use of non-cellular biochemical testing.

The fourth objective will be to develop a cosmetic containing the plant stem cells or extract from stem cells.

The results and experience obtained will allow for future implementation of a series of other novelty projects based on the use of in vitro cultures for the production of plant stem cells for cosmetic purposes. Taking into consideration the rising market demand for anti-aging cosmetics containing plant stem cells and the progress made in the field of plant biotechnology, the research and development formula of the project brings in a significant usefulness of the project.

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