Searching for new innovative drugs among compounds of natural origin

Okres realizacji
PLN 60,000.00
Kierownik Projektu
prof. dr hab. Sebastian Granica
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The objective of the project is scientific research to be conducted by pharmacy and medical analytics students as part of their activity in the Student Scientific Club “Herbarium” by the MUW Academic Department of Pharmacognosy and Molecular Bases of Phytotherapy. The work within the Club involves students’ implementation of research projects focused on searching for new medical applications for traditionally applied plant extracts and chemical compounds they contain. The cooperation within the Club is based on the mentee-mentor relationship. The student takes an attempt at solving a scientific problem under the supervision of experienced scientific staff. He or she learns new research techniques and principles of conducting scientific studies. The key objective of the project is to find among the traditionally applied plant extracts and the natural substances they contain, new innovative applications in the form of medicines dedicated to treat inflammatory-derived diseases. As part of the studies, the students in the Club will also have an opportunity to improve their soft skills. In particular, impact will be put on the principles of teamwork when conducting research studies and techniques of presenting the results of the conducted studies.

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