Masters of Didactics – implementation of the tutoring model

Okres realizacji
PLN 166,860.00
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In the project there participate 9 MUW lecturers, who will be conducting courses with the use of the tutoring method for 27 selected students.

Under the project, co-funding is provided for the remuneration of academic teachers conducting classes with students in a regular course of studies with the use of the tutoring method as well as preparation of didactic materials for the purposes of those classes. The classes are conducted during incomplete training cycle for 3 semesters. The form of the classes will result from the tutoring model developed and available to the HEIs, with the use of the knowledge obtained during foreign study visits and will take into consideration autonomic approach of the university.

The implementation of tutoring will enable improvement of the quality of education as well as the individual approach to the student. Teachers participating in the project will gain experience in conducting 1:1 classes. It will be possible to use the implemented tutoring model as didactic tutoring (e.g. during the development and preparation of the topics as part of dissertations), as well as when diagnosing and improving students’ psychosocial and scientific skills.

Kod projektu
dr hab. Mariusz Jaworski