Pro-health significance of woman’s milk (Acronym: Women’s Milk Donors – Health Superheroes)

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dr hab. Aleksandra Wesołowska
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The main aim of the project is to develop permanent solutions regarding scientific cooperation implemented under international academic partnerships within the verification of recruitment procedures for woman’s milk Donors for the human milk bank.

The planned research and development work is aimed at adapting the requirements for the woman’s milk Donors to the current environmental conditions as well as living conditions and factors affecting the health condition of the Donor (lifestyle, diet, closest environment). Elimination of adverse behaviours or change of daily habits by potential Donors will contribute to the increase in the quality of the milk donated to the bank, as well as to promoting healthy lifestyle among wider community of breastfeeding mothers in the countries participating in the project.

A significant goal is the appearance of the Polish human milk banks environment on the international forum, whose leader is the Applicant, thanks to the Laboratory of Research into Human Milk and Lactation at MUW, which is run by the largest Polish Regional Human Milk Bank in the Holy Family Hospital (Szpital im. Św. Rodziny). The project will also contribute to the consolidation of the Polish environment focused around human milk banks – both medical personnel and scientists interested in human milk and lactation.

Organisation of a scientific meeting dedicated to the project results is aimed at the exchange of experience between the practitioners and researchers from this sector, as well as giving the highest rank to the daily service activity of milk banks.

The project is also aimed at promotion in a wider society the very practice of unpaid milk donation as a precious voluntary approach affecting the healthiness of societies.

In order to perform the project, 4 strategic partners were chosen, which are academic centres, and 3 supporting partners, acting as non-profit organisations. The strategic partners, i.e. Milk Banks (Milk Bank in the academic centre in Amsterdam and Turin) ensure recruitment of patients for the study, which also includes obtaining of biological material and collection of medical data necessary for conducting the research and development work under the project. The recruitment centre will also be located in the Polish Regional Human Milk Bank of the Holy Family associated with the Applicant. The supporting partners, i.e. NGO, in Poland and in Italy, will support the recruitment activity and promotion of the project outcome.  The Woman’s Milk Bank Foundation (Fundacja Bank Mleka Kobiecego) and the Italian Association of Milk Banks are well-recognised non-profit entities, and may boast great social trust. The European Milk Bank Association (EMBA), with its patronage provided for the sake of the activities related to the presentation of the project results and its promotion, will give yet a higher rank to the project activities and will make them more European-wide. Two academic centres in Ireland will perform the role of typically research entities - Immunology & Cell Biology Laboratory, Maynooth University Human Health Research Institute and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Nursing and Human Sciences.

The scope of the project also matches the interest and experience of most of the strategic partners. The Dutch Human Milk Bank and the Milk Bank at the University of Torino, Amsterdam University Medical Centres for many years have been undertaking and conducting research in the nutritional therapy in premature infants. Therefore, the implementation of this project is for those partners a natural continuation of the previously entered research area.

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