Adulthood Without Caries

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PLN 817,764.00
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dr Jacek Borowicz
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The main objective of the project is a 60% increase in the knowledge of the young people participating in the Programme regarding the principles of dental caries prevention during the project implementation period, i.e. until 30.06.2023.

The main objective will contribute to the performance of the specific goal PO WER: implementation nad development of preventive programmes against diseases negatively affecting workforce dedicated to persons in the age of professional activity.

As a result, this will allow for:

  • increasing the level of knowledge among the target group of the principles of dental caries prevention and in the scope of proper nutritional habits, diet and lifestyle;
  • increasing availability of medical services including dental examinations with a training in oral cavity hygiene;
  • increasing early caries identification and prevention among the target group.
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