Time 2 MUW Didactic excellence as a chance for development of the Medical University of Warsaw

Okres realizacji
PLN 11,732,744.68
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mgr Anna Serzysko-Dąbrowska
W ramach projektu przewidziano następujące zadania
  • Modernisation of the didactic offer of the medical programmes by means of developing an integrated virtual educational platform and extended reality
  • Modernisation of the didactic offer of the nuclear medicine and radiology by means of developing a didactic and clinical platform for diagnostics and dosimetry
  • Extension of the educational programme of physiology with pathophysiology using the virtual educational platform and VR elements
  • Introduction of a new educational programme MD PhD
  • Preparation and implementation of didactic courses in the dental medicine field with the use of extended reality devices and applications
  • Preparation and implementation of elective courses in communication within an interdisciplinary team
  • Increasing the competences of didactic staff in terms of: improving the educational quality, methodology of teaching communication competences
  • Preparation of a complex ERP class system regarding the support of a HEI in the area of: controlling, planning and budgeting; electronic circulation of purchase requests and civil-law agreements; intranet shop


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