SLOTS – what are they?

Limit of Publication Accomplishments – Publication Slots

Limit of publications per one employee/doctoral student

The number of publications of an employee of the entity which is included in the evaluation process is limited to 4 publication slots which are assigned to each person carrying out scientific activity. This means that the sum of unit shares for scientific publications included in the evaluation of the authorship or co-authorship of persons carrying out scientific activity in a given entity included in the evaluation:

1) for employees – cannot be larger than quadruple average value of the product of the amount of working time and the share of working time related to carrying out of scientific activity under a given scientific discipline indicated in accordance with the declaration on the represented disciplines from all the years from the period subject to evaluation, specified up to two decimal places, out of which not more than double of that value may be attributable to scientific monographs whose total score value is not more than 100 points, scientific supervisions of such monographs and chapters in such monographs;

2) for doctoral students who, in the period subject to evaluation, were studying at the doctoral school conducted by an evaluated entity and prepared doctoral theses in the scientific discipline or scientific field to which a given scientific discipline belongs – it may not be larger than 4.


The next scientific activity evaluation will be conducted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the years 2017-2021.

Legal bases and information sources

Material prepared based on: "Ewaluacja jakości działalności naukowej - przewodnik" (Eng. Qualitative EvaluationScientific Activity – Guidebook)