The new evaluation model, when establishing the assessment under the first criterion, takes into account – except for publications – the patents for inventions, protection rights for utility designs granted to the entity. It is worth pointing out that these accomplishments are not counted as a part of the previously mentioned limit of accomplishments foreseen for publications taken into account during the evaluation (the so-called 3N limit). In other words, apart from registering for evaluation the maximum number of publication accomplishments available for a given entity, the entity may additionally register patents, protection rights for utility designs. The upper limit for the patents and protection rights registered for the evaluation process shall be equal to the to the N number.

Name of discipline N at MUW
pharmaceutical sciences 112
health sciences 95
medical sciences 803



For patents for inventions granted to entities subject to evaluation, the following numbers of points are awarded:

- 100 points – for a European patent or a patent awarded in at least one of the member states of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, on condition that the invention was registered also in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland;
- 75 points – for patents awarded by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland;
- 50 points – for patents granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland or obtained abroad by other than the evaluated entity, but which patent was granted as a result of the scientific activity of the employee of the entity subject to evaluation.

With reference to other types of protection rights which are included in the evaluation process, the following scoring is applied:

- 30 points – for protection right for a utility design awarded to an entity subject to evaluation by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland or    abroad.

Patents and other protection rights are included in the evaluation in a given discipline, in accordance with the declaration of the author of the invention, authorizing the entity employing him or her to include that accomplishment under the disciplines represented by the author of the invention. This information is introduced to the POL-on system by the head of the entity.

Moreover, if more than one patent is granted for the same invention or more than one protection right for the same utility design, in the evaluation there should be included only one such accomplishment with the highest score. Due to the limit those accomplishments, in the evaluation there may be included solely the accomplishments guarantying the entity the highest total score.


Material prepared based on "Ocena jakości działalności naukowej - przewodnik" (Eng. Qualitative Evaluation of Scientific Activity- Guidebook)