Publication Fund

Announcement on the Rules of the Publication Fund binding as of 1 January 2022


General Criteria for Awarding of Funds.

1.    Co-financing may be dedicated to covering the costs of publication or costs of linguistic preparation of the text (proofreading). 
2.    MUW employees without PhD degree, regardless of the job position, as well as PhD students, doctoral students of MUW doctoral schools and students may receive a 100% funding of the costs of one publication in a journal with a score of at least 100 points, if they are the first author of that work.
3.    MUW employees qualified as the N number at MUW may receive funding of one or more publications with a score value of 140 or more. The maximum amount of financing of one work (jointly the publication costs and proofreading) is PLN 5,000.
4.    The call for applications is conducted on a current basis.

In any case:

•    publications which are results of projects and may be funded from the implemented projects funds shall be financed from the funds obtained under the projects;
•    publications which are results of multi-centre studies may be awarded partial funding, corresponding with the contribution of the authors representing MUW.

Procedure for submitting applications

  • Applications shall be directed to the Vice-Rector for Science and Technology Transfer.
  • The application shall be submitted via e-mail to the address: The e-mail title shall include the unit code, the applicant’s surname and the work title.
  • The application shall be prepared with the use of the APPLICATION FORM available under this link.
  • Possible questions shall be directed to the Department of Science:

Procedure for awarded funding implementation

  • Decisions on co-funding are sent via e-mail to the Applicant’s address.
  • The source of funding is opened by the Controlling Department upon the request of the Department of Science.
  • After receiving from the Department of Science information on request of opening of the publication funding source, the Applicant shall be obliged to:
    • Immediately submit the application for the entire amount of funding in the WORKFLOW system.
    • Introduce the data regarding the article to the MUW publication accomplishments base at: prior to submitting the invoice for payment. At the moment of registering the publication (article/monograph), its current version which the author has at his/her disposal should be attached. If it is a work which has not been published yet, the record of a given publication shall receive the status „rejected/unpublished”, and the person who registered it receives an e-mail informing him/her that at present the University Library may not approve it (it is unpublished) and requesting for sending the final version after it is published to the address: in accordance with  Announcement of 29 April 2022
    • After the application is approved in the WORKFLOW system (the status "waiting for implementation"), the Applicant shall send an invoice documenting the cost of the service to the address: The e-mail title shall include the number of the application in Workflow 2022/EL/…..).
  • The invoice shall be issued for MUW (details below):
    for national invoices, the issuer shall provide the Tax Identification Number (NIP), and for foreign invoices the VAT ID of the issuer shall be provided.

For foreign invoices, VAT shall be added to the invoice amount (FV amount + VAT 1.23 + currency exchange rate)


National invoices: Foreign invoices:
Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 61
02-091 Warszawa
NIP: 525-00-05-828

Medical University of Warsaw
61 Zwirki i Wigury Street
02-091 Warsaw
ID VAT:  PL5250005828

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