Hub of Talents 2 Starting Platform

"Hub of Talents 2” is a programme aimed at supporting individuals with innovative business ideas. Białystok Science and Technology Park is the entity responsible for project implementation.

The Platform is carrying out a continuous call for 8 cycles of incubation – you can apply for the next three years.


After you submit the application, your idea will be evaluated by experts. After receiving a positive result of evaluation, together with the incubation manager, you will define the needs of your start-up, and you will develop an incubation plan together.


After a successful completion of the incubation process and obtaining a reccommendation, you can apply for 1 million zlotys for co-funding of the development of your business under the call for Start-ups Development in Eastern Poland.   

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Hub of Talents 2 Starting Platform
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Continuous call
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Białystok Science and Technology Park has been carrying out the Hub of Talents 2 project which is aimed at helping develop innovative business ideas of the entrepreneurs from Eastern Poland