Strategic Program of Scientific Research and Development “Social and Economic Development of Poland in the Conditions of Globalizing markets”  – GOSPOSTRATEG

The main goal of the GOSPOSTRATEG Program is to increase the use, by 2028, of the results of socio-economic research in shaping national and regional development policies. The ninth competition under the Program covers the entire scope of the GOSPOSTRATEG Program, which has been divided into four thematic traps: 

      1. middle income and average product trap area;
      2. imbalance trap area;
      3. the area of the demographic trap; 
      4. the area of the institutional weakness trap.

Applications in the call may be submitted by consortia composed solely of enterprises, scientific units and implementing entities, whereas:

  1. the consortium is composed of at least two scientific units or at least one scientific unit and at least one enterprise;
  2. the consortium is composed of at least one implementing entity other than an entity implementing the development policy mentioned in Article 3 Items 2a and 3 of the Act of 6 December 2006 on the principles of conducting development policy (except cities being the seat of the province governor or province government, which may be responsible for the practical application of the developed solution), obliged to apply in practice the solution being the result of the project;
  3. the consortium may be composed of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 entities.

The co-funding can be allocated for the implementation of basic research, industrial research, developmental works and pre-implementation works (obligatory within the project).

Under the call, NCBR is collecting applications for co-funding for projects involving:
      1. PHASE A, under which it is possible to finance the basic research, industrial research and developmental works,
      2. PHASE B, under which it is possible to finance solely pre-implementation works.
      3. Projects may encompass PHASE A and PHASE B or only PHASE B.
      4. Thematic scope

The ninth call under the Programme encompasses the entire scope of the GOSPOSTRATEG Programme.

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