Development of a platform for the expression of recombinant protein in plant biomass

Okres realizacji
PLN 70,000.00
Kierownik Projektu
mgr. inż. Mateusz Kawka
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The aim of the project is to develop a platform for generating heterologous protein, based on continuous expression systems and transition expression in two selected model plant species from Nicotiana type. The implementation of the main goal of the project will be divided into three interrelated specific goals:

  1. Design of plasmid vectors for the expression of selected heterologous protein in plant cells for the expression of recombinant protein in plant cells and their proliferation.
  2. Transformation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens with the designed plasmid vectors.
  3. Transformation of plant biomass.

The main result of the project will be the development of a universal technology of generating heterologous protein in plant biomass in the continuous and transitional expression systems.

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