The aim of the programme is to enable the outstanding Polish scholars to return to Poland and find employment in Polish HEIs and research institutes. The Programme creates possibilities for the scientists residing in foreign research institutions to build their own project group in Poland  and do research in optimum conditions. The national HEIs, scientific and research institutes have a chance to acquire specialists with international experience and knowledge of the latest research trends in their scientific discipline.

The Programme includes two paths, depending on the stage of research career:

  • young scientist (Junior Scientist path),
  • experienced scientist (Experienced Scientist path).

The returning scientists may be persons who:

  •  have Polish citizenship,
  • holds at least the academic PhD degree (for the Junior Scientist pat hit must be conferred not earlier than 7 years prior to submitting the application),
  • in the period indicated in the call notice, he or she was employed as a researcher in a foreign HEI, research institute or research department of the enterprise, and at time did not reside or work in Poland,
  • may boast internationally recognised scientific accomplishments outstanding in the context of a given discipline and career stage,
  • as part of their research work abroad gathered experience in managing a research team or a research project (for the Experienced Scientist path).

The following is financed under the programme:

  • remuneration of the returning scientist,
  • remuneration of the project group,
  • remuneration of the inviting person,
  • resettlement of the returning scientist,
  • research component financed by the National Centre for Research and Development or application component financed by National Centre for Research and Development.

Under the Junior Scientist path, there may be planned projects lasting from 24 to 36 months, with NAWA funding of up to PLN 1 143 200. Under the Experienced Scientist path, it is possible to plan projects lasting from 36 to 48 months with NAWA funding from PLN 2 397 600. Additionally, for basic research, it is possible to apply for the National Science Centre (NCN) research component – a starting grant amounting up to PLN 200 000, and for application research and development work – for the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) application component reaching up to PLN 400 000.

Detailed information on the call is available there

NOTE Persons interested in preparing applications for funding under this call are asked to notify such an intention by 30 June 2022 to the address: awn@wum.edu.pl.


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